Crane Photography

Shannon Crane is a professional photographer based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, with a portfolio of work that spans well across both artistic and commercial spectrums. After many years of pursuing photography as a hobby for preserving memories of family trips, she honed her skills and her appreciation of the art form through years of travel, adventure, and backcountry exploration.
Her commercial experience and portfolio includes real estate, maternity, portraiture, and pet photography. Even when working in such fields that can often seem conventional, her artistry and creativity capture new and inspirational perspectives.
Shannon’s passion for photography is indelibly rooted in nature. She often spends three seasons of the year adventuring at every opportunity, often deep into the backcountry of British Columbia and beyond. Whether ascending the unforgiving slopes of the Monashee or Coquihalla mountain ranges to capture the clearest night skies, or wandering kilometres of rocky shoreline in search of unique formations on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Shannon is driven to take photos that inspire a spirit of adventure.
"We live on a breathtaking planet. It’s not easy to take a picture that truly captures its beauty, but I love that challenge, and I love the adventure that goes with it. When I go into nature, it’s always my goal to come out with images that will inspire someone else to get out there and explore."
You may view and purchase some of Shannon’s work at The Flour Bean and The Handmade Shoppe in Kelowna, BC.


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