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Tattoo Sessions | The Girl with an Affinity for Fauna

I love the art of tattooing. To use your own body as a canvas is both intimate and bold. I may love it even more from a distance, as I have no tattoo's myself. There is too much pressure in trying to find the perfect tattoo, one that I will love forever. A friend of mine recently told me that she believes tattoos are representative of different times in your life. Even if years later you don’t identify with what you had tattooed, it is a symbol of who you used to be, a visual biography. That perspective has me closer to getting my own ink done. Using your body as another form of expression is a beautiful artform.

This is why I was so excited to document Kimberly’s tattoos (thus far). Her tattoo’s all portray different animals, either her favourites, or ones she loves the form of. Kimberly’s tattoos are so representative of who she is as a person, without being overtly personal. And they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. I can’t wait until she gets more done so I can document them too.

Contact me if you're interested in getting your tattoo's documented. I love exploring other peoples creativity! Photographing people’s tattoos is another form of capturing what they are passionate about. I can’t wait to do more sessions in the future.



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