Photos That Define You

It was a rainy day in the Okanagan. One of those days where you're happy to sit at home with a cup of coffee and a good book. Going out and getting some new photos was the last thing on my mind. I was sitting at home downstairs enjoying the calm of the day and hadn't looked outside for a while. Suddenly, my sister comes rushing in, telling me I have to look at the sky, it's amazing. Initially, I ignored her. I thought it couldn't be that good - people say that about almost every sunset. But then she came back almost pleading me to go check it out (I later found out she just wanted to hold it over me that I actually missed the opportunity to photograph it. Jokes on her I guess). So, I give in. If its nothing special I can go back to what I was doing, no harm done. However, the worst-case scenario is that I really did miss an amazing opportunity that I will regret.

As soon as I began heading upstairs I could already tell that it was an amazing sunset - she wasn't exaggerating. The sky was ablaze with color, more than I've ever seen in a sunset. It was shocking after such a miserable day. However, I had no time to sit and admire the view. I immediately rushed for my gear, ran to my car, and sped to a lookout over Kelowna to capture it before it was gone. I feel so lucky that I didn't waste this opportunity (Well maybe I did waste a few minutes...) and somehow got the perfect shot before it was gone. It was an unbelievable feeling looking over Kelowna and photographing the best sunset I have ever seen. The colors were so vibrant, the rain clouds adding so much contrast and drama to the scene. I got the shot just in time, the sunset was already beginning to disappear as I began shooting. One of the best things about shooting sunsets is how they change. This one was especially magnificent to watch because of the rain moving into the valley from the South. I took so many shots of the same scene, but each of them was incredibly different because of how fleeting sunsets are. It may be a simple sunset, but it was a very rewarding experience as a photographer.

This isn't the greatest photo I will ever take, nor is it the best photo I have taken in just the past year. But I believe it is one that will stick with me and others for a long time. It has become the most popular photo I have ever taken. I appreciate the support and love that I have received from this one photo so much, it is truly mind-blowing. Sunsets resonate with people and Kelowna residents are passionate about where we live. That is one reason why this year I decided to focus a lot more of my photography within the Okanagan - taking photos of places that people truly care about and love is so rewarding. This photo has proven that for me and has made me so excited to photograph the Okanagan even more. I think it will be a photo that defines the year for me.

This is a photo that I will try to recapture over and over again. Already I am trying. Every day I make sure to see what the sunset is like, but none have beaten this one yet, and maybe never will (for a while at least). In the end, this is a very simple photo, but I have discovered that that doesn't matter so much. It has come to mean a lot to me and has resonated with many others, that is most important.


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