My 3 Favorite Photos of 2019

It is a little late in the year for me to be reviewing my favorite shots from 2019, seeing as how we are already five months into 2020. However, spending more hours at home has given me a lot more time for reflection on last years photography. As such, I have been doing a lot of digging through the backlog in recent weeks. At first, I dreaded the thought of this extra time, not knowing what I would do with it and worrying about productivity. The good news is these extra hours have mostly been a blessing. I've been able to discover new awesome shots, update my portfolio, and give my photography more direction.

After reflecting more on last year's photography adventures (which were awesome!), I am so excited to see what kind of new levels I can bring to my photography. Its time to up my game and try some new things! But before that, here are my three favorite shots that I took last year.

Lightning flashing over Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC.

3. The onslaught of summer in the Okanagan brings some awesome storms. I look forward to these every year in the hopes that I will be able to capture an image like this, and last year I was lucky enough to get it! Aside from getting an amazing shot, the storm itself was something to behold. There were constant flashes of lightning in all directions, making it difficult to decide where to point my camera. In the end, I directed my camera towards a scene I liked and just hoped that I would catch some lightning in the frame while my shutter was open. I managed to get a shot I loved and am so proud of. I can't wait to try my hand at more storm photography in the future.

Helmet Falls in Kootenay National Park

2. Helmet Falls in Kootenay National Park. These falls were the highlight of our first day on the Rock Wall Trail. Waterfalls are one of my favorite scenes to photograph, and I couldn't believe how beautiful these falls were. This photo ended up being one of my favorites quite recently. Despite how beautiful this location was and the photos were, I couldn't quite get the edit right. It lacked the feeling I wanted for such an epic location. I took another crack at it last month and ended up with this, an image I absolutely love. Viewing this photo makes me want to hike back up there all over again.

Mountain side in Cathedral Provincial Park

1. Hiking the Rim Trail in Cathedral Provincial Park. It's hard for me to explain why this is my favorite photo from last year. I think if I asked others to pick their favorites from my portfolio, this one would not make the cut. The beauty of the landscape is what makes it for me; the intermingling of rocky terrain with the alpine brush, and the smooth surface of the rock face in the background that dominates the scene. It reminds me of how diverse alpine landscapes can be. I also find a lot of tranquility when I look at this piece. I could probably stare at it for hours, which in my mind makes a great image.

Bonus favorites! I take thousands of photos every year, so it's hard to narrow it down to only three favorites. These are a couple of honorable mentions I picked for their amazing colors. A long exposure of cars driving along Bernard Street last fall. Cathedral Lake as seen from the Rim Trail in Cathedral Provincial Park.

After reviewing many dozens of photos for this post, I chose these and I think they really reflect my year as a photographer. Through these images, I can see my photography progressing, which is so exciting to see year after year. As the photographer of these my opinion is definitely different from others viewing them. Not only is it the technical aspect that makes a great photo, but also the experiences that happen while shooting them. What do you think? Would these be your favorites out of my portfolio as well?


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